CR8000 Scan Engine, for OEM Products

With a variety of building-block components, ranging from finished readers to self-contained reading engines, to components and accessories, Code is a premier technology partner.

Code scan engines continue Code’s legacy of dual optical fields – while most devices have a single field enhanced for a specific application, Code’s CR8000 has both a high density field for reading the smallest of barcodes, and a wide angle field for reading oversized barcodes giving you two readers in one miniature high performance scan engine.

For integration, a variety of mounting options are available including: tabs, blind through holes, and mounting brackets for both the scan engine and the decode board. Code engines draw significantly less current and gets into and out of its low power state faster than any other imaging based scan engine. These 2 items are critical when integrating the engine into a mobile device, better power management from the imager equates to longer battery life for mobile devices.

Our Applications Engineering team provides technology support and guidance for the best practices involved in specialized barcode reading applications, in addition Software Developers Kits and Integration Manuals are available free of charge with scan engine purchases.