Code Reader™ 3600 DPMIndustrial Barcode Readers

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Code Reader™ 3600 DPM

The Code Reader™ 3600 (CR3600) features Direct Part Mark (DPM) reading capabilities, packing numerous features into its compact design. This sleek, wireless barcode reader has a color screen and keypad that allows users to manually enter data in real time. The screen provides a mobile solution for users who need instant visibility of scanned data. A reader that scans 1D, 2D, Postal and even Direct Part Mark (DPM) barcodes, is a reader that provides limitless possibilities.

Designed for applications that require process controls, component tracking, work-in-process (WIP) and assembly line monitoring, the CR3600 DPM handles barcode reading needs in Aerospace, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, DOD, and Semiconductor industries.

CR3600 DPM Features & Benefits:

Applications:Manufacturing, inventory control, warehouse, public safety, event management, retail, shipping/receiving, age verification