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Code Reader™ 1000 XHD

As of December 3, 2018, this product has been discontinued.  Please contact Code for information about last buy opportunities and availability of support, spare parts and accessories.  

Ideal for applications and environments where space-saving is critical, the CR1000 XHD takes up limited workspace without compromising barcode reading performance.

This lightweight, compact reader features a built-in macro lens and enhanced optical firmware platform to create an extreme high density field, ensuring that the CR1000 XHD will excel in reading 1D, 2D and laser-etched marks as small as 2mil.

Users can operate the CR1000 XHD in handheld or in-stand presentation, and increase efficiency with continuous scan or motion detection barcode reading. For fixed mount and OEM applications, the CR1000 XHD features threaded brass inserts for easy installation.